I tried HelloFresh – here’s how it changed my week

With over a year of working mum life under my belt, there’s one thing I’ve discovered. You just can’t do everything. Time and energy are precious and after a hectic 2018, this year I’ve decided to really review how I can make life easier. So when I was offered the chance to try out HelloFresh, I jumped at the chance. The convenience and peace of mind knowing my menu for the week was sorted and delivered to my door definitely saved time and made life easier.  

Here’s what I thought:

No more rushed supermarket visits

I tend to be a frequent visitor to the supermarket to get extras for dinners, but this week that all changed! My HelloFresh box was delivered to my doorstep filled with quality meat, produce, seasonings and condiments needed to create the recipes.  

The meals (minus the chilled items) come in prepackaged meal bags which are colour coded to match the recipes, making it super simple to know what goes with what when it comes to cooking. At dinner time, you can just grab the bag, then the other chilled ingredients and you’re ready to cook.  

The recipes were simple to follow and only took around half an hour to prepare and cook. This meant we could get dinner on the table early, which is always a necessity with a toddler in the house.   

No more stressing about dinner time

The biggest plus for me with HelloFresh was the peace of mind. It might sound silly, but thinking about what to have for dinner has felt like a big chore when there’s already so much else to think about. It honestly felt like such a relief not having to think about what I was going to eat for the week or if I needed to rush to the supermarket in my break or after work to pick up something I needed for dinner. I knew I had everything I needed to create a delicious meal. And that frees up both time and mental energy for the more important things in life, such as spending time with my little girl.

Ordering made easy

The process of ordering with HelloFresh was also straightforward and it is made even more accessible with their mobile app. You can switch meals, change your plan settings, check the menus for the next few weeks and more from your phone. I ordered the Classic Box for four, but the Family Box also looked great and I might switch plans to that next time.  


Discovering new cuisines

Despite owning a slightly embarrassing number of cookbooks, I tend to repeat the same recipes over and over again. It’s been exciting to come home to trying different meals and ingredients and I’ve felt like I’ve enjoyed cooking more than usual for this reason. And the flavours are perfect even for my little eater.  

My favourite meal this week was the Middle Eastern Yoghurt Chicken, with Roast Vegetable, Feta & Coriander toss. It was such a nice combination of flavours and textures. Other yummy meals were cheesy beef nachos (with homemade tortilla chips), Bacon & Basil Pesto Pilaf, and Sage & Rosemary crumbed chicken. The meals were generously sized and because I went for the box for four, we had plenty of leftovers. This meant there was the added bonus of lunch being sorted the next day too.  

Life as a working mum definitely felt a bit easier this week thanks to HelloFresh. There’s been less stress, less energy spent thinking about what to eat, fewer trips to the supermarket and less time spent in the kitchen. And all of that means more time for myself and my family.   

If you’re keen to experience HelloFresh, I’m treating you to a $35 discount off your first box! Simply use my code EATWELL or click here to redeem the offer. While it’s not a quite a week off cooking, it certainly makes it faster, convenient and enjoyable too.


I’m giving away a HelloFresh box to one lucky person. To be in the draw, simply comment below with what you’d like the most about HelloFresh.   

Competition will be drawn Friday 15th February and the winner will be notified via email. 


 This post was sponsored by HelloFresh